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Washington Psychotronic Film Society
April 13th
THE HUMAN VAPOR (1960, Japan), original title ガス人間第一号 Gasu ningen dai ichigo
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Monday, April 13that 8pm

Washington Psychotronic Film Society
has a gas with

THE HUMAN VAPOR (1960, Japan), original title ガス人間第一号 Gasu ningen dai ichigo


(1960, Japan)

original title
ガス人間第一号 Gasu ningen dai ichigo
"gas human number one"

Directed by
本多猪四郎 Honda Ishirō
(Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan, Matango, Dogora The Space Monster, Yog: Monster from Space)

When will Science ever learn? A librarian, subjected a scientific experiment gone horribly awry, discovers he can vaporize and reform his body. Now he's robbing banks to float his dancer girlfriend. He's ruthless in his quest for money, putting the choke on anyone who stands in his way, and becomes Tokyo's most wanted criminal in no time. Can he be stopped before he kills again? Or will his criminal career go up in smoke?

FREE admission!!!

screening at
Acre 121
1400 Irving St. NW #109, Washington, DC

Just a couple doors west of the Columbia Heights Metro station on the Green/Yellow line.



Mondays ● 8pm at ACRE 121
1400 Irving St. NW #109, Washington, DC

April 20th

The Ship of
(1960, Mexico)

original title
La nave de los monstruos

Directed by
Rogelio A González

"Venus Needs Men!" in this Mexican melting pot of sci-fi, western, musical, comedy, and horror! Two voluptuous Venusians, including Lerena Velazquez (Samson [El Santo] vs. the Vampire Women, Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy, Doctor of Doom), go on a mission to find men elsewhere in the galaxy, and so far they've got a robot, a talking skeleton, a Martian brainiac, a long-armed spider-thing, and a big, dumb cyclops. Forced to land on Earth, they get set their sights on singing cowboy and bullshit artist Lalo "Piporro" González (Little Love of My Life). Tables turn, the monsters get loose, someone comes out the casket, Piporro falls off his horse and brings his spunky little brother along for the ride while pandemonium ensues!
THE SHIP OF MONSTERS (1960, Mexico), original title LA NAVE DE LOS MONSTRUOS, click for film clips

Click for film clips


April 27th

(2008, USA)

Written and Directed by
Justin Timpane
(Ninjas vs. Vampires, Ninjas vs. Monsters)

With a dead friend who comes back a soul-sucking, zombie-creating psychopath, who needs enemies! A magic spell book, ninja powers, and non-stop pop culture quips, however, will be essential to surviving these undead hordes.
NINJAS VS. ZOMBIES (2008, USA), click for trailer

Click for trailer


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