beyondthebuzz (beyondthebuzz) wrote in wpfs,

Hollywood/Bollywood Crossover movie coming to DC area...

Hi. I'm posting here to let you know about a new movie called "Americanizing Shelley" that will be coming to the DC area. The Director had asked if I could find people to help spread the word about the film since we're working on a limited release that could mean a wider release if it goes well. I saw your community and thought I'd post about it here. I hope that's alright.

The website for the movie is and it's slated to be at the Dupont 5 in DC starting May 4.

If you're interested in helping to spread the word about the movie, please feel free to get in touch - info @ beyondthebuzzmarketing . com (without the spaces obviously!) and put Americanizing Shelley or something similar in the subject line so I can watch for filtering.

Apologies if this isn't okay - feel free to delete it.

Thanks again.

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